The 5th Jeddah International Bridal Show 2014


Cris Gentica creation for Al Jonah Catering

Weddings are big events here in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia, and that is an understatement. Major preparation is done to make sure the event will bring wonderful memories to the guests, the family of the couple, and of course the bride and groom. From wedding invitations to the grand decorations and dreamy wedding gowns, every bride would feel and look like a princess on her wedding day, or shall we say, her wedding night. Weddings in Saudi start at ten-ish in the evening until the break of dawn, and males will have a separate venue. Both parties can be held on the same night in different venues, and at times it is held on different dates.

Wedding preparation comes a bit easier I guess when there is a bridal show in the area, where the bride can look for almost everything that involves her big day. Here in Jeddah, we have the International Bridal Show which started in 2010, and has been organized annually since then. For this year, it was successfully held in Jeddah Hilton last April 16-18.



Going to the Bridal show was an amazing experience. We got to take a look at an array of wedding decorations, table settings, wedding gowns and custom made abayas by local and international designers. There were booths from local salons, spas, gym centers, dermatology, dental and optical clinics. There were also booths providing catering services, wedding video and photography services as well as Zaffeh entertainers on the wedding day. Here are some of the photos that I took during the last day of the event.



Cris Gentica creation for Al Jonah Catering


Cris Gentica creation for

Cris Gentica creation for Al Jonah Catering





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See you in the next Bridal show!


Makeup Brush Holder Ideas from Ikea


I have been in search for ideas to organize my makeup and tools. Sure I have a brush case to secure my brushes when I’m on the go, but when I’m at home it is easier for me to find my brushes when they are placed in holders.

Some of the concerns about placing brushes on holders are the accumulation of dusts on the bristles, and scratches on the handles from fillers. When not in use, I think it would be wise to store them after cleaning, or simply put a cover on top of the holder and make sure all the bristles are covered. Fillers are the ones you put inside the holder to keep the brushes in place. I would suggest though to find a filler which is round and small, like crystal beads or pellets so as to prevent any damage on the brush handles. I would stay away from sand or stones as fillers, I just think those are a bit rough and creates friction when you take the brushes out and put them back again. Unfortunately I still can’t find the perfect fillers here in our area.

So back on the holders, I have seen a couple of photos online about Ikea plant pots and candle holders being used as brush holders. Since we have a branch nearby here in Jeddah, I decided to give it a go. Not only can you use these for brushes, but it can be used to hold pencils, and the like. On top of that, these are not as pricey as those sold by makeup companies. So here are some of the commonly used pots.

1. Socker Plant Pot, SR 5
It is made of galvanized steel. It is available in different sizes and colors. I do have the one without color in 12cm.


Ikea Socker Plant Pot plain color


Ikea Socker Plant Pot in assorted colors


2. Muskotnot Plant Pot, SR 9



3. Skrurar Candle Holder, SR 11

It is made of galvanized steel and is available in light pink, mint green, and white colors.


Ikea Skurar Candle Holder in White color


Skurar Candle Holder in assorted colors

4. Skrurar Plant Pot, SR 12

It is made of galvanized steel and is available in light pink, mint green, and white colors.

Ikea Skurar Plant Pot in white color

Ikea Skurar Plant Pot in white color

Ikea Skurar Plant Pot in assorted colors

Ikea Skurar Plant Pot in assorted colors

5. Skrurar Plant Pot Oval, SR 25

And if you have too many brushes and need a bigger one, you can opt for and oval one.

Ikea Skurar Plant Pot Oval in assorted colors

Ikea Skurar Plant Pot Oval in assorted colors

Hope this post helped. Thanks for dropping by!



***Disclaimer: Photos used are from Ikea, Ikea Saudi Arabia. This is not a sponsored post.



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